Sunday, June 24, 2012


Founded in 2006, Face is an intelligence-driven supermodernist design studio, based in Monterrey, Mexico whose work range includes design solutions, advertising, editorial projects and costom publishing, 
corporate identity, web design and brand development.

Travis Stearns

Great Ideas

A Broadsheet promotion designed for Carmichael Lynch to inform new business contacts about the
agency's philosophy, practices, and capabilities. The entire agency was asked: What is great (WORK)?
Some of those responses were pulled in to run alongside the factual information about CL.

Andrey Ilyaskin

23 year old graphic designer from Moscow. 
Graduated from the British Higher School of Art and Design
course 'Visual Communication'

New Papers

New papers was started in Madrid, Spain by Ricardo Juárez and Javier Andrés in december 2008. It is defined as an exhibition more than as a newspaper.

One theme, 11 artists, 11 posters. A free sporadic publication whom unique content is the proposal of 11 international artists from different disciplines (design, photography, illustration...) where they can reflect on a specific theme and express freely.

Jaewon Seok

Jaewon’s works have been recognized and featured in Graphis, Tokyo TDC, Output, Chicago International Poster Biennial, Graphic, and so on. He was appointed as one of the ‘Leading Designers of Korea’ by the Korean Ministry of Knowledge Economy (KME) and the Korean Institute of Design Promotion (KIDP) in 2009. 

Jonny Holmes


This decorative alphabet was produced by Nigel Bents, Paul Oakley and Jonny Holmes at Chelsea College of Art & Design. Based on a downloaded Bodoni Poster font, it was designed digitally by students usinIllustrator, laser cut out of 3mm plywood by Cut Laser Cut in Vauxhall and mounted on type-high blocks by Stef Willis in the college workshop.

It was then printed at Graham Bignell's New North Press in Hoxton. There they will remain; and in time, no doubt, be added to. An example of a digital start leading to an analogue finish.

Limited edition posters available for sale.